The following video files, which are in mpeg format, show how easy it is to load the MS-1 motorcycle trailer.  Loading sequences are shown for three different bikes.  One is a small Ninja 250 , another is a medium weight vintage Triumph 650 and another is of a larger and heavier Moto Guzzi V-11 cruiser.

The files are full motion and are very large.  If you do not have a fast connection, each file downloaded will take quite a bit of time.


The following files are in zipped format. This allows you to d/l the files you want, extract

them from the zip files, save them on your hard drive and view them anytime you like.

Mpeg showing loading of vintage Triumph 650 - (4.7 megs)

Mpeg showing loading of Kawasaki Ninja EX-250 - (3.8 megs) 

Mpeg showing loading of Moto Guzzi V-11 - (5.4 megs)