May 8, 2004




Just wanted to give you some feedback on your MS-1 trailer.  This is the second time I have used it for long hauls and I am more impressed with it than before.  As you recall, I had just gotten back from a desert deployment when I purchased the MS-1.  All aspects of the transaction were handled professionally and for that I would like to thank you. 


My first trip was from North Carolina to Kansas last summer with my ’01 Suzuki Katana 750 and brand new ’03 Suzuki Hayabusa.  Two days of driving with stops (food, fuel, etc.) and an overnight stay.  Once I arrived in Kansas I had to travel with the trailer until I found a place to stay (about 4 days), but had no difficulties even with my many trips through the fast food drive-thru lanes.


This second trip took me from Kansas to Texas where I was dropping off the bikes (’03 Suzuki Hayabusa and ’04 Suzuki Volusia 800 LE) for storage before departing for another desert deployment.  These are some pictures of the load prior to leaving.  As always, the bikes loaded very easily to include tie-down.  I could have done the loading myself, but had help from a friend for safety.  They remained secured without coming loose the entire way and the trailer was barely noticeable while maneuvering my truck at highway speed (up to 90 MPH) or in traffic.


This is a lightweight, reliable trailer that I would recommend to anyone and have.  I have posted similar pictures of the trailer on the motorcycle forum’s website that I belong to and have received many, many compliments.  Hope some of those that commented have come to you to purchase one.


Thanks for the quality product and professional customer service!  For those needing a quality motorcycle trailer, this is the one!



Ken S.

U.S. Army


’03 Suzuki Hayabusa

’04 Suzuki Volusia LE




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