Thoughtful Features



  • If you only need to tow one bike, one rail can easily be put in the middle of the trailer so that the trailer is balanced properly. If you are towing one bike on a two bike trailer, in most cases you have to put it on one side or the other which causes an imbalance. In a situation where weight is not distributed evenly, a trailer could turn over in a rapid turn or accident avoidance maneuver. The MS-1 provides you an option for towing one bike or two properly.



  • Designed to properly handle a wide range of bike types, sizes, and wheelbases. Front stop can be adjusted to add 5" to help balance longer bikes or bikes with rear weight bias.


Rails tilt for easy loading




Easy release rail tilt pins with chain on pins to avoid loss







  • Flag - Have you ever tried to back a trailer you could not see? We added a removable flag you can use when the trailer is unloaded and you need to back it in your driveway, etc.

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