March 15, 2003


Just wanted to let you know how well the MS-1 handled going to the track the other day with two bikes and pulled by my '94 Saturn. I took my R6 and picked up a friend with an F4i for a 2.5 hour drive to get to the track for a track day (yes, two chicks with sportbikes heading to the track). The bikes loaded and unloaded easily and people at the track were duly impressed when a friend and myself had both bikes loaded faster than most other in the pits could load and strap two in a truck - and with MUCH less effort. Even though the total weight (with both bikes on it) was at the max recommended for my little four cylinder car, it still handled great and had no stability issues when going any speed. Feel free to add my name to those who sing the praises of the MS-1 trailer!

Emily S.
Track junkie and aspiring amateur racer.





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