I shopped around here in Austin Texas, there are a lot of trailer companies here, and then on the internet. What I wanted to do was haul my much cherished Ducati to Canada. Timing worked out, in that I had time to take a vacation, and my mother was having her 80th birthday, plus the Ducati owners club was having one of it's excellent rallies at Mosport, all in Canada within a 2 week period. Problem: I own a Toyota Corolla with a 1.6Liter 4 cylinder engine, I can't tow a big heavy trailer but I want my bike to have a good ride. Solution: The MS1 is mentioned on the Ducati chat page, it's light at 390lbs, has independent torsion bar suspension, and a great load / unload design that needs no ramp or assistance. I get in touch with Victor Hoye, president of MotorSport Trailers, and immediately find a fellow motorcyclist who was is trying to do something special. Vic really cares, and has made sure everything was right every step of the way. So, I set out on my journey, that in the end totals out just under 5000miles (7700KMs on my Canadian model Toyota's odometer). I don't have a lot of experience towing trailers, and am cautious for the first part of the trip. Well all went great, and when it was time to return to Texas, I was impatient and really pushed hard. The entire trip my 5 speed Corolla pulled the load at 75MPH most of the time, sometimes up to 90MPH (don't tell the police). That trailer behaved impeccably, and what its cornering limits are, I don't know. I got to the point where I just simply trusted the trailer to do its job, and it did. I was able to run in the fast lane through the tightest situations, and joined right in with other travelers intent on reaching their destination as soon as possible. Need a light, solid, easy to load bike trailer? I highly recommend the MS1 from MotorSport Trailers!

Chris McDermott

95 900 DUCATI Monster



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