Optional MS-1 Accessories

Gas Tray - $85

Many of our customers are racers and people who like to do track days and who prefer to carry their own gas to the track. As a result, we designed this tray which conveniently mounts wherever a rail is missing. The tray measures 33 7/8" by 13", accomodates two five-gallon gas cans and is made out of 14 gauge powder coated steel. It is shown in many of the pictures on this site.



Spare tire/wheel - $65

This is a matched and balanced spare tire and wheel. It comes with a U-bolt for mounting the spare. If you are using the trailer with two rails, you can use the U-Bolt to mount the spare on the front of the trailer as shown. If you are only using one rail, you can mount the spare on either of the side frame rails if you prefer.



Spare Tire Bracket - $39.00

The spare bracket fits under the center rail position. This allows you to position the spare close to the axle which minimizes additional tongue weight. Since the bracket fits under the rail position, you can put a single rain or a gas tray in the center position without having to move the spare.


Rail Extension Kit - $36

This extension allows bikes with wheelbases greater than 60" long to be loaded. The standard rail length from the pivot point back is 50" long. If you load a bike with a wheelbase over 60" without the extension, when the front tire crosses the pivot point, it begins to press the front of the rail down. If the bike's back tire is not on, or directly over, the rail when this happens, the rear of the rail will pop up and hit the bottom of the bike. This extension solves this and allows longer bikes to be loaded properly.

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